Workshop Report: Integration of Genetics with Archaeobotany

The Horizon 2020-TWINN project “MendTheGap” organised a workshop on Archaeobotany (wood identification) and Integration of Genetics with Archaeobotany for PhD students of Biology and Agriculture, as well as to Biology students who participated on last year’s Archaeobotany workshop and Summer school held in Vela Luka. The workshop was held at the Department of Biology at the University of Zagreb, Faculty [...]

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Mobility Report: Renata Šoštarić at the University of Cambridge

I conducted my short-term mobility at the University of Cambridge (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, George Pitt-Rivers Laboratory for Bioarchaeology) from May 27th till June 12th 2017. My hosts were Preston Miracle and Martin Jones and they made arrangements for my additional specialization in archaeobotany. During my two weeks long stay in Cambridge I had [...]

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Seeds from the Past

  On Monday, 22/05/2017 in the Botanical garden in Zagreb, 28 pupils of the 1st grade of elementary school „Ivan Gundulić“, attended the workshop with the title: “Seeds from the past”, held by Dr. Sara Essert. The aim of the workshop was to familiarize students with tasks that an archaeobotanist meets in his work and [...]

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Mobility Report: Klaudija Carović Stanko, Martina Grdiša, Zlatko Šatović and Zlatko Liber at the University of Cambridge

As the CrEAME Initiative scientists taking part in the MendTheGap project, we (Klaudija Carović Stanko, Martina Grdiša, Zlatko Šatović and Zlatko Liber) visited Cambridge University from 22nd November to 6th December 2016. During our stay in Cambridge we met with fellow scientists from the Division of Archaeology, McDonald’s Institute for Archaeological Research, Department of Plant [...]

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Workshop Report: Archaeobotanical Workshop

The first MendTheGap – Archaeobotanical Workshop was held from June 13th to 17th 2016 in Zagreb at the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, by Renata Šoštarić. The workshop targeted students of biology and the main goal was to encourage their interest for interdisciplinary scientific investigations, in this particular case – integrating [...]

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MendTheGap – Summer School

MendTheGap - Summer School will be held from August 16th to September 30th in Vela Luka, Korčula, Croatia. Croatian, Italian and British experts covering various fields of our MIT disciplines (archaeologists, geologists, biologists) will demonstrate interdisciplinary organization during the archaeological excavations of the Vela Spila site (overlooking the Vela Luka bay), and various laboratory and [...]

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Mobility Report: Geomorphological peculiarities of the Eastern Adriatic coast

Prof.dr.sc. Mladen Juračić is visiting Departments of Biology and Earth Sciences, University of Pisa, from May 16th to 21st, where he is giving two talks regarding geomorphological peculiarities of the Eastern Adriatic coast and importance of river mouths in the land/sea interactions. This mobility is a part of Work package 2. In addition, prof. Juračić, [...]

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MendTheGap Archaeobotanic Workshop

Archaeobotanic Workshop provides an opportunity for biology students to learn and apply principal methodologies in archaeobotany, and prepare for the summer school and archaeological excavations at the Vela Spila site, Korčula, to be held in September 2016. The Archaeobotanic Workshop 2016 will be held from June 13th to 17th 2016, from 10 a.m. to 3 [...]

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Photo: Vela Spila – Research in Progress

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