Lecture Series: Sciences of the Past – Lessons for the Future: Contributions of archaeology, biology, genetics, geology and paleontology

//Lecture Series: Sciences of the Past – Lessons for the Future: Contributions of archaeology, biology, genetics, geology and paleontology
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Tournament of lectures


Contribution of archeology, biology, genetics, geology and palaeontology

08th February 2018.
Stašo Forenbaher
Special place, interesting times: the island of Palagruža and the prehistory of the Adriatic

22nd February. 2018.

Preston Miracle
Living on the edge: prehistoric hunters, gathers and fishermans in Dalmatia

22nd March 2018.
Mladen Juračić
East Adriatic karst confluences – the specifies and the shifts

23rd April 2018.
Sara Essert
Anywhere (arheo) seeds everywhere

03rd May 2018.
Ino Čurik & Vladimir Brajković
Archeogenetics: science that mend the past and genetics

24th May 2018.
Siniša Radović
Human feeding in prehistoric times: the transition from hunting to cattle breeding on the Adriatic


14th June 2018.
Zlatko Liber
Origin, domestication and spreading of beans: evidence stored in DNA


20th September 2018.
Zlatko Šatović
Genetic Demographics of Healing Sage: Travel to the Past


11th October 2018.
Davorka Radovčić
Analysis of human remains from the Illyrian necropolis of Kopila


25th October 2018.
Jadranka Mauch Lenardić
The largest and smallest mammals of Quarter Croatia


08th November 2018.
Vlatka Čubrić Čurik
Domestication of cattle: new discoveries that reveal genomics


22nd November 2018.
Marta Pappalardo & Giovanni Boschian

People, animals and caves facing a rising sea-level

In addition to linking diverse scientific specialist, one of the most important goals of the Premises project is to raise public awareness of the importance of science and the value of new knowledge emerging from scientific research. The cycle of lectures is designed to overlay the gap between the specialized world of scientists, whose work is often misunderstood, and the wider public. All lecturers are prominent experts dealing with various scientific problems related to the study of the past: archeologists, archeozoolos, archeobotanists, archeogenetics, paleontologists, geomorphologists and others. Each of them will present some of the most attractive results of their research in an accessible way.

Project # 692249 from H2020-TWINN-2015 funded by the European Union. Full Name of the Project: Smart Integration of Genetics with the Sciences of the Past in Croatia: Minding and Mending the Gap / Smart Integration of Genetics with the Science of the Past in Croatia: Premostiti jaz

Abbreviated name: MendTheGap. The science of the past covers a number of disciplines that deal with physical, biological and cultural circumstances and processes that have created and changed our planet and its living world, including the human species, in the past. These scientific disciplines form the backbone of an international project titled Intelligent Integration of Genetics with the Science of the Past: Observing and Bridging the Gap. The project is based on the collaboration of scientists from the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), the University of Pisa (Italy) and the Croatian East-Trans-Archaeological Multi-Interdisciplinary Initiative (CrEAMA). The CrEAMA initiative brings together Croatian experts from different scientific profiles, archeologists, biologists, genetics, geologists and paleontologists, as well as six institutions: Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Science, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Institute of Anthropology, Croatian Natural History Museum and Vela Luka Cultural Center. The purpose of the CrEAMA initiative is to tighten the linkage of various instances in different ways dealing with the past. Its ultimate goal is to create a research group capable of implementing an integrated approach to the sciences of the past. Such a group will have a significant innovative strength and ability to contribute to solving the issues that make us present.