MendTheGap exhibition in “Night of museums” in Croatian Natural History Museum

//MendTheGap exhibition in “Night of museums” in Croatian Natural History Museum
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The MendTheGap project exhibition
The MendTheGap project is an innovative opportunity to bridge the gap in research capacities in Croatia in the field of archeology, genetics and other sciences on the past. The project exploits the specific advantages of a site that arise from two important facts. First, there is a large number of archaeological sites and valuable materials in Croatia that are relatively underrepresented and insufficiently economically exploited. Secondly, there is a group of researchers in Croatia (ideally and strategically linked to the CrEAMA initiative) whose scientific and research capacities, impact and success in obtaining EU projects are not fully realised due to inadequate funding, coordination and strategic planning. With the help of world-renowned scientists from the University of Cambridge and the University of Pisa, our ultimate vision is to build a CrEAMA Initiative that is capable of thinking about the science of the past on a multidisciplinary inter-trans disciplinary (MIT disciplinary) level. Our assumption is that the ability of MIT to discipline science of the past can provide significant innovation power and contribute to solving many of the contemporary problems / problems.

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