On Monday, 22/05/2017 in the Botanical garden in Zagreb, 28 pupils of the 1st grade of elementary school „Ivan Gundulić“, attended the workshop with the title: “Seeds from the past”, held by Dr. Sara Essert. The aim of the workshop was to familiarize students with tasks that an archaeobotanist meets in his work and to allow children to try themselves the determination of the seeds.

The first part of the workshop included a brief lecture on the Croatian Apoxiomen, which is in Croatia one of the most interesting and popular recently found Roman statues and shows in an obvious way the importance of an interdisciplinary approach when composing a complete story about some archaeological object (or site). In an interactive lecture, the children heard the story of finding and restoring that bronze statue and in presentation they saw photos of plant residues found inside the statue.

In the second part of the workshop, with the help of the lecturer, all the children had the opportunity to sort and identify some of 15 different seed species that are well known to the children (olive, cherry, rose, cucumber, etc.). The children also made some paper maple (Acer) seeds and were able to see live, how one of the most successful ways of spreading of seeds (with the wind) functions.